Anthony Tomkins for Idaho Legislature

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Wednesday 3 February 2016


Immigration to this wonderful country is how my family originally came here. Even with this consideration, I will not support 'blanket amnesty' of illegal immigrants. It is wrong to not have a consequence for an illegal action. The authority over naturalization is left solely to Congress, US Constitution: Article 1: Section 8: Clause 4. No executive order can change this. As a member of Congress, I will not support any legislation that permits 'blanket amnesty' and will work to remove all federal funding from 'sanctuary cities'. I will support legislation that creates an active solution to border security. I will also support legislation that discourages employers from hiring illegal immigrants.

Tuesday 2 February 2016


The Federal Government has a spending problem, not an income problem. I will only support tax measures that do not raise income taxes and that force the federal government to balance its budget. I will also advocate the implementation of a fair tax or a consumption tax and completely remove the need for the IRS.

Health Care

It is very difficult to imagine that any American would be willing to leave the welfare of their health to an organization such as our Federal Government. The only entities that should have any decision making power over your health should be you and your doctor (and your parents if you are a minor). The Federal Government has created an inefficient one size fits all solution to healthcare called, 'The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act'. You may know it as Obamacare. It is legislation that seems to have benefited almost anything but the very patient it promised to help. Lets get the government out of healthcare. Lets put you back in charge of your health decisions, not a entity that doesn't care whether you live or die. I promise to support legislation that works to abolish 'The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act' and that prevents the federal government from taxing those who choose not to have health insurance.

Rights to Arms

America was created on the concept of freedom. Its very creation was evident that many will do anything to thwart freedom and enforce dominion. This led our Founding Fathers to create ways that we could protect ourselves from those who would like to take our freedom. The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution is designed to protect the people from a tyrannical government and any others who will try to destroy our liberty. I own a few different types of firearms and have been professionally trained in the proper use and care of many more firearms. I feel that we should have the right to legally purchase firearms and ammunition as we see fit and that this right should not be infringed by our Federal Government. I will fight all legislation that seeks to infringe upon any rights given in the Constitution and will be especially valiant in fighting against any measures with the intent to separate Americans from legal ownership of their arms.

The Right to Life

Our founding fathers seemed to be of the consensus, we were entitled to certain rights by our creator, those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that this right starts at the conception of a human life. I believe that it is our civic duty to protect all life, especially those who are innocent of any wrong. Abortion is a horrible epidemic in our society. Unfortunately, it has even plagued our great state of Idaho. The procedure is so mechanized that it has become to simple of a choice. I cannot stand it. I do not believe that our society should tolerate the death of a human being because of the lack of self control of another. There are many other choices before the choice to abort a beautiful human life. Choose to abstain. This statement will probably kill me politically, but if it was heeded, there would be less of an issue. If necessary choose contraception, at your own expense, please do not obligate me and my fellow Americans to pay for your lack of self control. There are also the arguments of rape, incest, and medical condition. These special cases are very rare statistically and should be carefully considered in an ethics panel made up of religious leaders and medical professionals. I promise that I will protect all innocent life, which I firmly believe, begins at conception. I will oppose bills that contradict this promise and will fight for life.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Hello Idaho

I am Anthony Tomkins. I have called Idaho my home my whole life. I love the freedoms we have here and have decided to raise a family in the Magic Valley. I currently work as a copier technician, but I have worked on the farm, worked as an industrial mechanic, and have worked in a couple different fields in the Information Technology industry. I have also served in the U.S. Army Reserves since 2006. I decided to run for the U.S. House between the Christmas and New Years Holidays. I was anticipating the announcement of someone to challenge our current Representative for the last half of 2015. There were a couple of names, but it didn't ever seem to pan out. I became frustrated and discouraged that no one would attempt to run. It was then that the idea came to me that if I wanted something to be done, I should get up and do it myself. So far, it has been an interesting process. I haven't had a mentor or support from someone who 'knows it all,' but have had to discover much of the information on my own. That is not to say that I do not have help. Many of my friends are supporting me and even a few folks that I have just recently met have been helpful. I feel that any government should exist to defend the rights of their people. I feel the American Government has the great role of leading the world in defending the rights of its people, the Americans. I am all in on challenging those who would rather benefit themselves over representing the people that gave them the power they have. My only friends that I have who have any great power over anything, is the God that I worship and His son Jesus Christ. I am a friend of the people of Idaho, not the people of Washington D.C., not a friend of special interests or lobbyists. I will fight for freedom and nothing else. Thank you.