Our founding fathers seemed to be of the consensus, we were entitled to certain rights by our creator, those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that this right starts at the conception of a human life. I believe that it is our civic duty to protect all life, especially those who are innocent of any wrong. Abortion is a horrible epidemic in our society. Unfortunately, it has even plagued our great state of Idaho. The procedure is so mechanized that it has become to simple of a choice. I cannot stand it. I do not believe that our society should tolerate the death of a human being because of the lack of self control of another. There are many other choices before the choice to abort a beautiful human life. Choose to abstain. This statement will probably kill me politically, but if it was heeded, there would be less of an issue. If necessary choose contraception, at your own expense, please do not obligate me and my fellow Americans to pay for your lack of self control. There are also the arguments of rape, incest, and medical condition. These special cases are very rare statistically and should be carefully considered in an ethics panel made up of religious leaders and medical professionals. I promise that I will protect all innocent life, which I firmly believe, begins at conception. I will oppose bills that contradict this promise and will fight for life.